Goat curry and a few healthy one pot dishes

The goat meat was quite tough and chewy, but flavor was good. I used Thai red curry paste, Chinese fermented bean paste, soy sauce, cilantro. The potatoes in the pot was delicious even I know it was super unhealthy. But once in a while I guess it won’t kill me, too soon.

A few healthy one pot dishes I made. Clockwise: Beef, sweet bell peppers, onions and broccoli stir fry; Quinoa stew Spanish style with grounded turkey and beef; Fresh spinach stir fry with peanuts, chicken and garlic sauce.

Nothing beats fresh!

Fresh Fava beans, hadn’t had it for over decades. Bought less than a lb of them with pods. Came home, peeled them out of their pods and the skin. Oil in cast iron pan, heated, stir fry beans then added 2tbs water, 2tsp chicken bouillon, fresh summer squash from our garden, a bit of pepper (optional), tiny amount of homemade spicy fermented chili paste. Simmer till its done, throw a handful of frozen chopped green onions before serving.

Fresh bitter melon stir fried with heated eggs.