2007 Western Caribbean

So Long and Thanks for All (Day 7)

Princess Cays was our final destination. In this 7 days cruise, I had taken thousands pictures. Lots of them are beautiful shots, but, I am getting tired of editing them, I want to move on and show you something else.. something new.. something more recent.. and something I am looking forward to editing and posting.

Maybe.. when I have time later on.. I will go back and browse all those unedited pictures again and choose a few more to fill in the gaps here. I doubt on it though.. so far.. I rarely had much time to go back to the old photos I had taken before. Besides.. today’s precious shots might be tomorrow’s garbages, so why bother to go back?

For my first cruise experience, I am very satisfied with the Princess cruse line… food was great… on shore activities were great, the only thing I was pity about would be the expensiveness of going online.. 20 minutes on a slower than dial up internet connection… cost us 40 dollars. Other than this.. everything was so much better than I ever expected.

So long and thanks for all, I will come back shortly with daily shots took in our lives.

My Cozumel Hard Rock Pin

This pin is very precious, we almost missed it. When we were in Cozumel, among a whole bunch of people, lated for boarding on our ship. Everyone was rushing back to the ship. The Hard Rock Cafe was few miles away from the port, even if we took taxi, we couldn’t go there and come back on time.

We thought we were going to miss the pin at this port, then there was a nice Mexican guy who spoke few English words, pointed a direction and said there was a Hard Rock Cafe’s gift shop right at the end of the port.. about 6 minutes round trip.. if you ran.

So Alan run forward… disappeared in the darkness at the end of the port, couldn’t see him anymore. I waited and regretted to let him go as minutes went by, it would be a very stupid thing if we missed our ship because of a pin. The waiting was agonizing.

Suddenly… his figure showed up again at the end of the port.. it was the happiest moment of that day!

P.S…when we were back to our ship, and talking to one of the passengers in the elevator, he was complaining about he couldn’t get a chance to get a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt. When he got to know we got our pin.. his eyes were as big as saucers, he sweared, he would pay 5 times more for a shirt if we got one for him!

Well.. maybe next time.. I should drag down the whole team late for the cruise ship while Alan go shopping for those T-shirts and resell them to make a small fortune.

Boy, We are late! (Day 5)

5:29PM…We were late for boarding on our cruise! The reason was when we came out of the Xel-Ha Park, there were 4 passengers missing. We waited and waited, nervous and anxious, finally, the missing persons showed up, the reason was…they were waiting for their photos took in the park to be developed!

Their insensitiveness .. caused thousands of people waited for them, and we didn’t even get a chance to take a peek of Cozumel before stepped back to the ship.

Xel-Ha Park Mexico (Day 5)

1:30PM.. walked into this incredible water park, it’s the first resort we have been into in Mexico. Everything was beyond my imagination… almost too good to be true. Endless good food and drinks, swimming with exotic fish in the sea water… wished we could stay there forever! But we were only able to stay for 2 hours.. barely to dry ourselves up after came out of the water.

We definately will go back to Mexico again, the local people there were extremely friendly and have good manners… what nice people! love those Mexicans…

Tattoo of the wall (Day 5)

9:50AM.. We signed up two on shore exclusions with Princess: Tulum Mayan Ruins & Xel-Ha Park at the port of Mexico. So when we got off the ship, we took a 30 minutes ferry ride to the mainland town of Playa del Carmen.
The 30 minutes ferry ride was .. a.. terrible experience (both ways), on one second, you saw the water appeared above your head on one side of windows, on the next second… the same scary theme repeated it’s self again on another side of windows. The ferry boat was swinging 45 degree off center.. left.. right .. left .. right..

Attendants were walking through seats back and forth, selling cosmetic jewelries, at the same time.. they gave away purple color plastic bags to one and another passengers… yup… for you to vomit into, an unique souvenir if you care to bring it back.

Finally, our feet touched the non-swing ground again, in Playa del Carmen, everybody said “thank you God”.

Then about 80 (I guess) of us followed two local tour guiders, marched through the main street to a parking lot 20 minutes away, from where to get on tour buses. We walked really fast.. I barely could stop and take photos.. so.. I acted as a crazy soldier carrying an AK47.. shotting away without much framing while passing by this and that … subjects.

This wall painting was shot while passing by a tattoo shop, the entry way where the painting is was extremely narrow, only a skinny person could walking through it humaningly possible. So angling the camera to get the picture was a big test. But.. hey… I am glad I got it out right.. What a thrilling painting!

The original colored one was nice , but I finally decided to chose a sepia version design, because, this version gives me the strongest feel.
The original photo.