2008 TX & LA

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

3:29PM – The painted ceiling of St. Louis Cathedral. This cathedral is the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the States, First established in 1718. Once was destroyed then rebuilt.
This ceiling is one of the most gorgeous painted ceilings I have seen in old buildings, so far.
P.S. We drove back to our FL home on the next day, picked our dog Shag on the way home…so good to see him again.. and holding him in my hands… gave him a real tight hug. Our goldfish Bully lived… even his aquarium’s filtration system was failed, but he still survived. What a strong and lucky fish he is!

I Hear Her Violin

15:02PM – saw she was standing at the end of a street, skinny, shy and quiet, playing her violin, of classics. There was no one had stopped to listen her playing, made me so sad, for her, such a pretty girl.

I did a digital painting design from the original photo I took, hoped I have gave her a moment of passion to remember.
The original photo I took of this violin player on a street of the French Quarter.

The Devastation: Close Up

12:55PM – drove by one of the abandoned houses. In my eyes…it was still pretty, with its elegant wrought iron columns.

PS: While we were in New Orleans, I saw a couple of photography books about abandoned pets after hurricane Katrina, the images were heart breaking… I barely could go through them. I felt extremely sorry for those animals.. they had given no choices. And I am so touched by those volunteers who went into the flooded zone and rescued some of those animals… you are truly angels! Thank you!

The Devastation

12:53PM – It was a day of New Orleans’ Jazz Festival, but Alan and I decided to visit the flooded area instead. We got general direction from a local, then drove towards there. Closer and closer to the destination, the houses on the roadsides were more and more damaged.

When we reached to the heart of the devastated area, there were few houses survived but all damaged and abandoned, weeds and wild flowers have taken over the neighborhoods, the atmosphere was familiar, felt like walked into theme of the movie “I am legend”.

I felt some emptiness and sadness, as if came back from a future world, witnessed a destroyed civilization. And it really wasn’t that long ago, only three years away.

Timeless the Alamo

2:28PM – We went back to San Antonio again, this time, for the Alamo. It was such a sad building, when everyone was silently walking around in its church also the shrine, I felt the deeply sallow for the ones died in the terrible battle 200 years ago. Thankfully, I wasn’t there at that time.

Photography is not allowed inside the Alamo. I came out and waited for 40 minutes, finally I was able to capture one photo of its front with peopleless.

The BW picture above was designed from the original photo.