2008 Upstate NY & Canada

Amish Youngsters

Finally! Yes! Caught two Amish youngsters on film!

Actually, I think.. my life style is very close to the Amish people.. which I mean… extremely simple: I do my own hair cut, I don’t buy jewelries, I don’t buy make ups, I only buy cloth when I need, and when I do buy, I always shopping for deals…

Well, there are some differences between me and them, but, compare to other Americans around me, I do live like an Amish already.

Amish Horses

Traveling in upstate NY, cross some Amish countries, often saw those massive, giant Amish horses riding on the roads or working in the fields. They are the breed of Draft Horse, widely used for ploughing and farm labor. I love to look at them, so powerful, so strong, they are the Hercules in horse breeds.
This photo took on our way to visit Alan’s relatives. The Amishes are extremely timid, whenever they noticed I was focusing on them, they would either go duck or turn their heads away.

Roadside Vintage

10:50 AM – On the way to visit Alan’s relatives in up state NY, we stopped at a roadside stand to pick some fresh picked strawberries as gift. While Alan was checking out the fruit, I was deeply attracted by those crazily blooming hanging baskets. They were perfectly shaped and bloomed.
Different shades of red flower combination is always my favorite. I was almost going to take this one home.