2009 New England & DC & GA

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

If you plan to visit this George Washington’s home in DC, you better to get there early, otherwise you may wait for quite a while for the tour in the house.
Alan and I entered the estate shortly after it’s opening, so the waiting time was bearable. The whole property was nice and huge, and visited Washington and his family’s humble graves was quite something.
The house which he and his family had lived in wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. From the outside it looks quite cute, but rooms inside were tiny and had low ceilings (of course, at that time). It wasn’t a comfortable house to live in, for such an important person in history, in my opinion. Though on the other hand, it makes me respects him much more.
More information of Mount Vernon: mountvernon.org

Chinatown DC

Attended a relative’s wedding in VA, then we stopped in DC for 2 days. DC is one of my most favorite cities in the States. I always try to stop by there whenever we can.

DC’s Chinatown is the smallest Chinatown that I have been to, but its arch is the most gorgeous one.

How sweet she is!

While I was taking photos of Sarah (my friend Sandy’s daughter), her brother got up set because I didn’t give him enough attention. So he intentionally walked into this photo while I was taking it. What a pity, it would be a wonderful photo if wasn’t his little trick!

I could deleted it, but I liked the sweet smile that Sarah had in this photo very much, so I made this digital portrait painting out of the “destroyed” original photo.
The original photo.