The Middle Seat, Colors of Bellagio

Alright, it’s been six months, my parents are going back to China after 6 months of visiting us in the States. Alan and I will escort them to SF for the flight to go back to China. Before this event, we are going to accompany them for some sightseeings in LV, Grand Canyon and SF. Alan and I are also going to stay a few more days in SF and Napa before we come back to our home in Tampa, FL.

I will post our travel photos by the date, it starts from today, the day 1 in our 2007 West Coast Vacation.

I took this photo on our flight to Las Vegas. I had to say… it wasn’t easy to take a photo from the middle seat. Blame on my husband, he always likes to sit on an aisle seat, so I always gets to sit on a middle seat.

For getting a photo like this one… you better to…

1. use a small compact camera which is easy to operate by one hand (I used my husband’s new camera Canon SD900 to take this shot)
2. a nice window seat neighbor who allows you to stretch your hand into his/her territory
3. shameless enough to ask for your neighbor’s permission
4. a good editing skill in afterwards editing
5. a bit of luck to get an interesting result
6. something I forgot to mention at this moment

The original photo

Colors of Bellagio
We arrived in Las Vegas (the Sin City, I like this nickname) at noon, the city looks much cleaner than I thought. Lots of constructions are going on.

This photo was taken in Bellagio, an amazing glass art work made by Dale Chihuly installed on it’s lobby ceiling.

I found out the best way to take a shake-free and non-distored picture of this wonderful art work is to lay down on the lobby floor then focusing upwards. Don’t be shy if you notice hundreds of tourists there were staring at you, sometimes we gotta to act weird, don’t we? (hey.. please let me know if you did lay down on that floor!)

Another version of “Colors of Bellagio”. I personally likes this design better.


Alan and I went to Diseny today. He went to Magic Kingdom for taking videos of shows and parade. I went to Animal Kindom, it’s my favorite park. I brought my big camera with me, then found out I forgot to bring the battery. Pretty silly, am I?

Luckly Alan had his compack camera with him, A Canon SD900 he just bought. I had taken some nice photos with his tiny camera today in the Park.

The original photo, took in Disney Animal Kingdom.