Flowers & Plants

Green shoot

I planted a couple of Pandora Vine in our front yard in 2006. Didn’t hope too much. Before that.. I planted all kinds of flower plants there, they were all short lived. Florida weather is tough on them… extremely hot in the Summer, below 30F in the Winter (even just for a couple of days).

But to our surprises, those pink Pandora Vines adopts here very well. They keep growing, one of the plants covers our mailbox tightly, I even have to keep trimming it back. They bloom 3 times a year, other time.. still look pretty with its rich green leaves.

Later, they produced seeds packed in finger length seed pods. I took some of the seeds out and germinated them at home. In this picture, is the very first germinated shoot.
The adult Pandora Vine at our mailbox. The Pandora Vine is also called Pandorea jasminoides, originally from Australia.

Cilantro and its flowers

Cilantro always short lived in our vegetable garden. The weather was either too hot or too cold for them, they soon started to flowering then seeded. I replaced Cilantro two times a year, only got a little useful leaves out of them, not worth to grow while I can buy a bunch fresh leaves from stores for under a dollar.
But its flowers are unique… tiny little thing, if you look close enough.. they are quite pretty.