Key West, FL

Key West day 4

Clockwise from top: Sunset on Gulf took from ferry boat on the way back home, a handsome rooster on street of Key West, a picture of four of us took after checkout this B&B we stayed in, my most favorite night theme picture I took during this trip.

Key West day 3

Clockwise from top: 2 pictures of street views, bar theme at night, Margarita – my first and the only drink I had during the staying in Key West (another glass was my girlfriend’s).

Key West day 1

Clockwise from top: View of Key West from the ferry boat upon arrival, the most colorful lightened bike on Key West’s night street, having drinks in Sloppy Joes, Alan enjoys his afternoon tea in the B&B we were staying.

Street at night, my deep fried whole snapper dinner, floral wall paper at the B&B we stayed at.

I had two ferry boat tickets from Fort Myers to Key West. Was going to use them when last time I went there with a friend of mine, but an unexpected storm changed that plan. The ferry boat tickets were not refundable. So I had kept them till this time when we went there again for a long weekend visit with friends. Thanks for the weather, we had very smooth rides on both ways, made this journey very enjoyable.