2006 Saint Augustine

An old Coquina entrance

A photo painting design of an old Coquina entrance.

This original photo was taken at this afternoon in downtown St.Augustine.

It was a quiet day on St. George Street, St. Augustine, FL. We and friends walked up and down this street and it’s side streets, and visited almost every shop. I bought two 8″ hand carved shell stands for two giant shells we have at home.

Drove to St. Augustine, FL

Showboat Car Wash.

Look at this one… an old-fashioned steamboat off the side of Route 1 in St. Augustine, FL… and it’s A CAR WASH! oh, my!

Alan and I arrived St. Augustine at noon and we were going to have a short few days vacation with our friends Richard & Manzhi.

1931 Ford Model A Roadster.

Made an old photo style design from the original photo… I think this photo style suits this antique car very well. Talking about this photo design.. the difficult part wasn’t the design itself but to find the name of this interesting car. It took me over 30 minutes to find it’s name online. Boy.. a good thing was I had taken a clear enough picture from which I could tell it’s a Ford, or it might take me forever to find it’s real name.

original picture
The original photo – took in a street of St. Augustine, FL at this afternoon.

Have you had times feeling the erge to eat… and being very picky about the certain type of food you were going to put into the mouth? I was in that mood at this afternoon. I was hungry.. and I only wanted KFC fried chicken… big pieces of juicy…fresh…spicy hot.. crispy skin.. fry chickens… with real bones…no nugguets. Actually I was thinking of KFC all the way from Tampa to St. Augustine.

So, after we checked in… we started to look for KFC. Walked whole downtown of St. Augustine.. couldn’t find one….of course I wouldn’t compromise to Pizza or Sandwich or whatever…I wanted my KFC. Went back to the Hotel, went online and found it’s location. Well.. Alan didn’t want to write the address down, and he said… he knew where it was… as it’s only few miles away. OK.. so we jumpped on our car.. and went for my KFC… after one hour…this turn and that turn and this street looks like it…this type of conversation… we lost our way… and suddently Alan found out we drove out of St. Augustine and was on the way back to Tampa.

GEE… men… never wanted to write down things or stopped the car to ask for help…no offense…just admire your spirit of independence.

Desprated I was hungry; angry and disappointed… we turned around… drove back towards our hotel… made another wrong turn… then walah! KFC! It was only a 2 minutes driving distance from our hotel…if we ever chose the right turn at the beginning.

It was the best KFC fried chicken tights as you could imagine.

This photo was taken in an old neighborhood in St.Augustine in where we ran into without knowing where we were.