Theme Parks & Resorts

Epcot and late night dessert at Soda Shop

A very beautiful day to walk around in Disney’s Epcot.

Epcot’s light and firework show.

Enjoy our ice cream sundae (picture at down left corner) at Disney’s Beaches & Cream Soda Shop in its Yacht and Beach Club Resort. The gigantic steel bowl of ice cream on the down right corner of the picture is their ultimate ice cream treat – Kitchen Sink. Well, someday, I will order it, I swear.

Fireworks in Disney Magic Kingdom

A fulfilling and fun breakfast at Cape May cafe to start the day.

I never had good patient to wait long enough for Disney’s firework shows even we had been to their parks hundreds of times, literally. This time we stayed in one of Disney’s resort, it gave us the opportunity to go to theme parks at late hours just for their light and fireworks shows. It was fantastic!

Hilton Grand Orlando

A friend of us gave us a week stay in Disney’s vacation home, we took that opportunity and went to Orlando a couple of days earlier. Stayed in Hilton Grand which makes it very connivence for me to do some shopping in outlets nearby for my upcoming China trip.

Our second night dinner at Benihana. (Tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of those type of cooking, I often do better than some of those cooks. Sometimes it’s more about the show than the food.)

Halloween and Food & Wine Festival at Disney

Clockwise from top: (Food & Wine Festival in Epcot) Doll up in Japanese Pavilion, Hot Dog, Sausage and beer from Germany, Mussels with Roasted Garlic Cream and a Baguette from Belgium, Gigantic Turkey leg from US, Belgian Waffle with Berry Compote & Whipped Cream, Grilled Ribeye Taco from Mexico, Snails in Garlic & Parsley Brioche, Magic Kingdom decorated in Halloween theme.