Wild Life

A stuck hummingbird

The poor thing flew into the screen and got stuck there. He or she must had been there for a while before the husband of my friend discovered him by following the noise of a humming sound made by the tiny bird stuggling trying to break away from the screen. His beak was bloody but not broken. I pushed his beak out carefully while my friend’s husband holding the bird’s body securely. He flew away afterward. And we all hope the best for him.

Killer Whales

Mother killer and her calf airborned! Pictured in SeaWorld, FL. It is also home to Tilikum, the biggest Killer Whale in captivity. He is unbelievable massive and powerful, a majesty creature!
Another killer whale in the show. She gently (even it looked more like an attack) landed her trainer onto the stage.

Killer Whale show is my most, or should I say the only favorite show in SeaWorld. Every time I goes there, I gotta to watch one. Those creatures are just too impressive to miss.

Seeing whales!

One hour out of sea, the boat started to slow down, then crowds got excited, someone was shouting “Whales!”. Then people were running from the left to the right, right to the left, trying to get the best angel for some picture taking.
On the second deck, I squezed my way towards the head of the boat, got a few close up shots. Though the best viewing spot was taken and controlled by the staffs, we, passangers had to stay 3 feet away from that spot. I thought that was quite unfair.. thinking about the $$ we were paying, and the struggle in one hour bone chilling wind, why couldn’t we get a good spot for 5 mintues to take some good photos?

Anyway, it was our first time saw those awesome creatures in real, it was quite exciting.

P.S. Bring the heavist jacket and pants you can find with you if you are going for the whale watch.