Best Gadgets Ever

Pan fried Swai

Dinner tonight: Pan fried Swai fillets on Spanish rice, with sweet belly peppers, carrots, sweet peas, mushrooms and broccoli.

Swai fillets, defrosted. Pated dry, seasoned with Kosher salt, pepper (lightly). Dredged fish in beaten egg, then coated the fish with Panko bread crumbs. Add fish into preheated pan, over, pan fried for 4 minutes (or till the edge turned to dark brown). Flip, cover, cooked for another 2 to 3 minutes (adjust the time by the thickness of the fillet).

2 cups of Spanish rice, cooked in Zojirushi Rice Cooker, added water to about 3/4 height to the 2 cups mark, and chose “cook harder” option. When it was done, added 4 tbs of butter. It came out perfectly.

Pig Out at Stonewood Grill

I had Blackened Chicken Pasta, a big piece of moist and rich chocolate cake with a giant scoop of haagen-dazs vanilla bean ice cream. Every dish was perfectly prepared, and I finished them all, very contented.

Often time my friends online and offline would ask me such a question: how can I keep my teeth so shining white? And I drink tons of coffee everyday. The secret is, I uses Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitening Strips.

If you are first time using this product, put it on everyday till the teeth are white to your desire, then you can stretch it, only apply them before a big event or when needed.

Canon s95 for upcoming trip to Shanghai, China

My new babe: Canon PowerShot S95. Before my trip to China, I knew there was no way I could take my DSLR Canon 7D with me due to limited packing space plus I was aware of hostile and suspicious attitude I might facing to if I was going to take shots on streets and in stores there. So I wanted a low profile pocket camera takes great pictures and videos. I had done lots of research online and in stores before I came down decision to buy this one. The result was very satisfying. The only thing I found inconvenient is its flash unit, when it pops up, it rises right at where my finger would be, but it was not a big deal overall, besides it makes sense that you do want a pop up flash to avoid shadow casting.

Any pictures you saw that I posted here in my Shanghai, China’s trip were all taken by this Canon s95.

Homemade deep fried chicken wings

Alan made those chicken wings, crispy skin outside, tender and juicy meat inside, toss with sweet and spicy sauce, tasted better even than restaurant made!

The Waring deep fryer that we newly bought works great, such a big difference compares to the previous GranPappy I was using. Now the food comes out quickly and crispy (french fries never made so easy!) as if made out of restaurant grade fryer, and the big capacity allows me fry 20 wings or spring rolls at once, it works perfectly for parties!

Homemade sausages Sichuan style

My friend brought me two packs of Sichuan seasonings from China. One of the packs was spicy kind, I made 5 lbs of sausages with it. I cured the meat then air dried them in our lanai for about two weeks. Those sausages were tasty and super spicy!
Started last July, I no longer buying pre-ground meat from stores. I bought ourselves a Waring Pro electric Meat Grinder. It grinders 5 lbs of meat within 2 minutes! The food I made from fresh ground meat tasted more tender, juicy. And I can choose whatever kinds of meat, cuts to grind. For this batch of Sichuan style sausage meat, I grinded pork shoulder and pork fat together then mixed well with seasonings.

Shanghai style deep fried rice cakes

One of popular breakfasts in Shanghai, deep fried rice cakes. They were made from sweet rice. I used this type of Norpro Ice Cream Sandwich Maker shaped those rice cakes. It worked really well.

Molded rice cakes before deep fried.

Recipe: 2 cups of sweet rice, cooked, made 4 pieces of rice cakes. cool down completely (over night), then deep fried till golden brown.
Note: some people use normal rice mix with sweet rice for making this type of deep fried rice cakes.

Canon 28-135mm VS. Sigma 18-250mm

My Canon EOS 7D with 28-135mm zoom lens It works as a great pair. But I travel quite often, the wide angel part I missed was inconvenience to me. So I bought a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM IF Lens for Canon and put these two lenses side by side to make a comparison.
As you can see, these two lenses are similar in length, though Canons 28-135mm is much more handsome. I also used both lenses took test shots on a tripod, the results are almost identical, I couldn’t tell which one is better or worse.

To the end, I sold this 28-135mm online for a good price, and kept Sigma. So far, I am very satisfied with it’s performance.