Still Life

Canon s95 for upcoming trip to Shanghai, China

My new babe: Canon PowerShot S95. Before my trip to China, I knew there was no way I could take my DSLR Canon 7D with me due to limited packing space plus I was aware of hostile and suspicious attitude I might facing to if I was going to take shots on streets and in stores there. So I wanted a low profile pocket camera takes great pictures and videos. I had done lots of research online and in stores before I came down decision to buy this one. The result was very satisfying. The only thing I found inconvenient is its flash unit, when it pops up, it rises right at where my finger would be, but it was not a big deal overall, besides it makes sense that you do want a pop up flash to avoid shadow casting.

Any pictures you saw that I posted here in my Shanghai, China’s trip were all taken by this Canon s95.

My super new baby – Canon 7D

I am upgraded! Canon EOS 7D with 28-135mm zoom lens! How exciting, this is my first semi-pro camera.

The reasons I chose this camera:

1. an affordable price tag for a latest semi-pro camera.

2. extremely low noise at high ISO even at 6400 ISO setting (you better to use DPP (Digital Photo Professional, comes with the camera to convert from raw, high ISO files in PS has a lot more noises).

3. fast and accurate 19 points auto focus.

4. automatic ISO

5. holding the 7D is so much more comfortable compared to other models I had tried on in stores.

6. weather sealed body.

Con: You may need to upgrade your computer to handle huge files that 7D produces. (at least 5GB RAM).

Test Images (without any editing, came straight out of 7D):


Canon 7D with Canon 100mm macro lens (plus B+W 58mm UV filter and lens hood)

hand-held, natural light, single AF point focus, 1/160 sec., manual ISO 400, F2.8,

This photo and the ones below all took by Canon 7D plus 28-135mm lens (plus B+W 72 mm UV filter and lens hood )

hand-held, natural light, 19 Point Auto Focus, automatic ISO 1000, 1/80 sec.,F8.

hand-held, late night, only light sauce was from this lamp, single AF point focus, automatic ISO 6400, 1/80 sec., F5.6.
hand-held, a cloudy day, natural light, 19 Point Auto Focus, automatic ISO 200, 1/60 sec., F8.

Over all, I gave this camera a 5-star rating. It is a treasure box, full of wonderful surprises!

Shit happens

My hard drive died. It was a new computer, bought in last Aug. I never had computers died on me in such a short period. No matter how hard I had tried, that stubborn piece of iron kept its mouth shut tightly.

I searched online, it says data retrieve servers would cost 700 to 2000 US dollars. I am not willing to pay the even 700 dollars, neither to say, I don’t want to give away all my secrets and passwords which were locked in that piece of iron. So I decided to let it go, damn… I would kowtow to it if I could have my files back.

Few days later, had a same model and new drive in hand, I gave it a last try… switched both electronic boards… trying to make a jump start, sadly, it still didn’t work.

So, that’s the end of the story. I lost tons of pictures which I had been working on and without backuped, I don’t even dare to count how many of my pictures, recipes, files, had gone forever.

The moral I learned from this incident:

1. never trust anything, even a machine could cheat on you…

2. everything will gone eventually, sooner or later…

3. never back up, so you always will have opportunities to start fresh.

Toronto Skydome Hard Rock Cafe Pin

Finally, a new pin from this Upstate NY & Canada’s trip, picked from Hard Rock Cafe Toronto Skydome in Toronto, Canada.
Alan and I flew back home on July 7th. It’s nice to travel here and there every now and then, and it’s even nicer to come back after each trip… I guess it’s the reason that I keep traveling and keep coming back.