2007 East Coast

On the way home (Day 25)

Finally, this morning, we were on the road to home.. our sweet home in FL. We had been away for nearly one month, I was homesick terribly… our little garden in the backyard.. my big fat goldfish Bully (our dog Shag was in the car with us at that moment)…and everything else.

At 7PM, after driving nearly 12 hours from VA, we finally arrived our home in FL… nothing is better than coming back, even the air was sweeter. Thanks for our great friends’ help, fish Bully was still alive, everything was fine.

PS: I am also glad I finally can close up this chapter of our 2007 West Coast Vacation. Thank you for your visiting and your patients.

Afternoon at M Street (Day 20)

I love the rows of well maintained flower baskets, they were hanging along M St and Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Make you feel an unique atmosphere of the season in this historical city.

It was a very short visit to Georgetown, we left at 3PM before the rush hour traffic started. But we definitely will revisit this interesting city and take more photos there next time.

Best Halloween Web in Town (Day 20)

This family really created a very cool front entrance. It caught my attention right away when we were walking by it.

In the afterwards editing, I adjusted perspective distortion and corrected lens distortion, then designed a vintage style effect to suit for it’s Halloween theme.
The original photo – took on a side street of Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Georgetown, Washington, D.C. (Day 20)

We decided to take a short visit to Georgetown… the richest neighborhood which locates in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C.

Alan and I never been there before. I thought Georgetown was a British style old town.. with cracked walls; peeled paint old buildings and cobble stoned streets.

To my surprise, Georgetown is a very busy and good sized city. As soon as we drove over the Key Bridge (The Francis Scott Key Bridge), entered into the Georgetown’s main street, we were no faster than walking.

Luckily we were able to find a parking spot on a quiet side street, from here we started our little journey.

Pumpkin Sale (Day 18)

Pumpkin Sale in Warrenton, VA – We arrived this town where Alan’s parents and brother’s family live late night last night. At this noon, we took Alan’s mother and sister in law for lunch. After a full-filled lunch at Apple Bee’s. I noticed this vibrant-color pumpkin sale cross the street to the restaurant.

PS: I have never bought this kind of pumpkin for the Fall and the Halloween. Every time I was going to buy one or two to make “Jack-o’-lantern” , Alan would find excuses to cool down my desire.

.. yes.. blame the guy…it is always his fault.. :P