Split Pea and Ham Soup

Sam’s Spiral Ham was on sell for less than $1 a lb. We bought a big one home, wish we had more freezer space, so we could buy at least a dozen back.

I trimmed off the whole ham, large and neat pieces for our breakfasts; small pieces for making stir fries or soups. Then the left over bone… Alan used it to make this Split Pea and Ham Soup for tonight’s dinner.

He cooked the soup in a slow cooker, after several hours cooking, the smell… oh, my God.. even woke me up in the bedroom.

Jeffro – the singer and his dog

I took this photo at this morning’s country fair where Alan and I took my parents to. It was an only picture I took of them, I was praying for this photo would come out good. There was only one second of chance for me to focus on them then clicked down the shutter button.

Thanks God.. the photo does come out good.

PS: He sang very well, his dog was also very cute.