The Princess of Neverland

The Princess of Neverland… her name is Sleepless.

It’s never been an easy thing to choose a suitable CD to listen to while doing paintings. I picked 4 CDs from Rock; Country and Popular in library at this afternoon, hoped I might found one of them would be interesting to listen to.

Pitty, none of them had the passion… almost crazy feel that I was looking for.

Talk about singers, I am the one has zero IQ. My hubby was almost chocked to death when one time he was talking about a guy who seems very famous but I asked, who’s that?

He was silented for quite a while, then painfully murmmed “… you don’t know who is…(…)?”

I won’t dare to spell this singer’s name here, or I might be swamped by billions of his fans by tomorrow.

So, what singer’s songs would you choose to listen to if you were painting a picture this like one?