Creamy Dilled Cucumber Salad

I told our friend Peggy that I have too much Dill growing in our garden more than we can consume. Then she taught me this dish which uses quite a lot of fresh Dill. She even brought a big container of peeled seedless English Cucumber and a cup of Sour Cream for me. How sweet she is!

This special Salad tasted wonderful… thank you again Peggy :)

I found an online recipe similar to the way she taught me, you may check it here if you are interested to give it a try: Dilled Cucumber Salad

Beauty and the Beast

Interesting result eh? How did I make it? Quite complicated… took me several hours to get a result I am satisfied with.

The detail

The original photo was taken in Magic Kingdom.

PS: We had a relaxed Thanksgiving Day… went out in the afternoon…few cars on the road… no store was opened except Walmart… Long Live Walmart!

2006 Thanksgiving Dinner

Friends of us would have to work on the Thanksgiving Day, so we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with them tonight. I learned an easy way to marinate the big bird from one of my Chinese friends “hupo” from our forum…the bird tasted wonderful… thank you again “hupo”!

Alan baked the bird and prepared all the dishes. It was my parents’ first Thanksgiving dinner.