A good photo is not enough

In now days… a good photo is not enough… too many people are taking good photos. To make a photo stand out, we need to do a lot more than just normal level; color; contrast adjustments…

Sometimes… we have to give it a total make up… just like the movie “My Fair Lady”

The original photo – took in Low’s… not bad, has all the details and good layout. But…it’s just not good enough.

Bring you into my dream

Follow me… I will bring you into my mystic dream…

photo was taken in Wildness Park at Morris Bridge.

And she is a pretty female Hawk!… how do I know it? because female red shouldered hawks are larger than male ones.

..even I didn’t see a male Hawk around to make an accurate comparison… but I know .. she is a lady anyway… just like you look around… and you know those people around you who are ladies; guys and…

PS: I was listening Clay Aiken’s Merry Christmas With Love… wonderful songs… great for background music while doing picture editing…