My Indian Looking Twin Sister

I asked Alan “How’s this painting?”, he said it’s very nice, but it looks like a painting of an American Indian girl… the color, the look, he said most of Americans would agree with him.

hummm… Sometimes… I would wonder… should I really listen to his criticize?… the guy who never drawn a sketch?

PS: I finished this painting tonight, after I signed the signature, I realized… today is 30th. hehe… it’s too easy to get lost in a self World.

Cantonese Dinner from Slow Cooker

Alan was cooking something unregonizable in the slow cooker. I asked him what was it, he said “Cantonese Dinner”. “What? Cantonese Dinner?, I never heard of this dish”.

I told myself, it must be one of those dishes invented for Westerners, such as “general toasted chicken”; “lao mian” etc..

At dinner time, being a nice wife, I added a scoop of his “Cantonese Dinner” into my plate, after one small bite, WOW.. it tasted surprisely good!.

Eight Treasures Porridge

A girl in our forum said.. hey it’s Laba (the 8th day of the 12th month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar) we should make “Laba Porridge”!.

“Laba Porridge” literally to mean “Eight Treasures Porridge” is a traditional congee concoction enjoyed on this special day.

I made a big pot of my kind of Laba porridge, healthy; light and flavorful, Alan and my parents all loved it.

How did I make it?

1. 1 cup of red beans; green beans; soy beans; split peas; barley; … and any kind of dried beans you can find at home, 2 cups of rice, several dried plums, soak them in water for 40 minutes.

2. in a deep pot, add in 1. and fill in enough water, uncover and cook in high heat for 20 mintues, stir frequently.

3. Add a handful roasted peanuts; a handful of chopped green onion; 1/2 cup of finely chopped italian sauages; 2 pieces of skinless chicken breast…cut in small cubes. Turned to medium heat and cooked for 30 – 50 minutes (I forgot the exact time),

4. add about 1 or 1 1/2 tbs of salt, a pinch of pepper; 1 tea spoon of ginger powder

5. very low heat covered and cook for one more hour or till you are satisfied with it’s texture.

6. garnished with chopped green onions before serving.

Ultimate Cheddar and Chipotle Biscuits

After I made these bisucits, I understood why would “Bon Appétit” gave the name “Ultimate”, it took me two hours to complete the whole course. If they ever told me it would take me two hours to get this result, I would say “NO WAY”… two hours for making 10 biscuits?!

Well, they are pros, it might only take them 15 minutes to complete the preparation but took me 1 and a half hour.

Those biscuits tasted wonderful, the most unique ones we ever had, my mom asked me whether I added ground meat into the mixture, no, I didn’t, it’s the 1 and 1/2 cup Cheddar cheese did the great work.

Though, I still don’t understand why did they ask to add 1/2 cup cornmeal in the batter, I asked Alan “why”, he said “…because, that’s the recipe”. “why?” “that’s their recipe…” “but, why??” “…”

Even a pro like Alan admited I did a good job on those biscuits.

Of course.. a two hours work! gee. If I made $35/h, those 10 biscuits would cost $70!! gee!

The recipe is in Mar,2006 Bon Appétit magazine.

Cypress Swamp

This photo was taken in Wildness Park.

There is an interesting thing… when I was looking for a suitable name for this photo online, I went cross another person’s online photo gallery, and he also took lots of photos in the Wildness Park, the same park I have been to numorus times… many of his photos were taken at the same spots I had taken my photos, though we never came cross in person.

This guy who claims “I’m Male, 31 and Taken” seems live close to where we live. So I went through some of his photos, to see what places had this guy been to, what kind of objects had he taken photos with… etc, trying to find interesting things I can do around this area.

I think it would be funny if one day I finally bump into this guy taking photos in Wildness Park, then I said… “oh…you are the guy 31 and being taken!”

Though, I guess I would never say it in person even if I really met this guy in the park. I have been using online space for so long, in the real life of meeting people becomes more and more strange thing to me, did I say “strange” this word?

Online, so easy, find informations I need then leave, it’s not even necessary to say a “thank you” or “I have been here”.

In person, I have to introduce myself, consider others’ feelings and reactions, thinking of how the others thinking of myself, blah blah blah…

Will life be easier if I bring an online manner into the real life?