The Darkside of Me

My father is driving me crazy! Why this 70ish guy can not relax and enjoy the precious life, the fresh air, the warm weather, the blue skies, the everything that we hoped he could enjoy and appreciated, why does he so narrow minded and trying really hard to push himself and everyone around him into craziness?

I feel my heart is squeezed, my blood pressure is sky high, I am at the edge of the hell.

Snow in Virginia

Alan went to Virgina for several days. There was a snow storm on the day he was coming back. He took some nice shots for me to take a look of the snow covered themes. I edited a couple of them here, so we can enjoy some snow themes while we get tired of the warmth of Florida.
Snow in the Field.

Snow covered backyards.

original_snow_in_va_trees   original_snow_in_va_field
The original photos, they were taken by my hubby Alan.

French Herb Bread

We have a Breadman bread machine for years, but we rarely use it. Tonight, I suddenly felt like to make a bread, so I dug the machine out from the garage, made this French Herb Bread. It was a super easy process, you just need to dump 1 cup and 2 tbs water; 1 tbs oil; 2 tbs sugar; 1 tbs salt; 1/8 herbs and … garlic powder; blar blar .. 3 cups of flour; yeast into the container, then wait for several hours, then… Wallah! A perfect loaf of bread!

Ropa Vieja Shredded Beef Stew

We had a dinner in a Cuban resturant in Disney Downtown a couple of days ago. Alan had a dish called Ropa Vieja. I had a bite of it, it was very good. So I decided to make it at home for today’s party. It makes a perfect party dish, because it requires to be done one day ahead, so the shredded beef could absorb all the flavor.

PS: I didn’t brown the frank steak as one version of this recipe suggested. And I used homemade Rosmary Olive Oil in this cooking; I also garnished this dish with thyme instead of green peas.

I suggest you taste the dish during the process of cooking to adjust seasonings and ingredients according to your own preference.

Alan said I made this dish tasted better than the one that Cuban resturant made.

There are several different versions of recipes online. You can find them by searching the key words “Ropa Vieja”

In Disney Quest

We visited DisneyQuest in Disney Downtown this time. It’s an indoor interactive Theme Park. Colorful and well designed. A place you can take lots of colorful pictures. I picked a couple of pictures to post here.

Ride the Comix – an exciting game reminds you the Star War. I got a highest score in our team :D

Virtual Jungle Cruise – I doubt the players efforts would really make difference in this game.