Reunion in SF – Day 5

My mom had lost connection with some of her side relatives for 19 years shortly after they immigranted to the States. A few weeks before our trip to the West Coast, my mom mailed a letter to SF where the families were immigrant to. She wrote down two mail addresses of which were given to her by her relatives at that time.
We didn’t think it would work. Surprisingly, a week later, our phone rang, it was my mom’s relative! One of the mail adresses is valid.
So, we finally got chance to meet those relatives again.. after 19 years, in the States. Does this story sound weird to you?
PS: I did a sketch design from a photo Alan took. My mom and dad are the ones standing on the back.

A couple of street photos took on our way walking from our hotel to Chinatown…
Washington Square Park in North Beach, nearby is the famous Saints Peter and Paul Church.
Cross the street, a bike rental shop.

In a restaurant in Chinatown, I ordered one of my favorite Cantonese dishes… Dried salty fish and bean curd stew in a clay pot. It’s my meal tonight, Alan didn’t have any interests to share this dish with me.
I discovered this Cantonese cuisine in 2003 when I went to Guangzhou, China. Since then, I fell in love with it’s unique taste.

Pictured this one in Chinatown. I noticed lots of commercial trucks in SF have been painted. But this one definitely was the winner!

California Countryside – Day 4

After several hours driving on the road towards San Francisco, we were entering a much more colorful part of California.

Thousands of windmills along the up and down roads. – I have never seen that many of them anywhere else. Actually, I have seen none in Florida the State which we come from.

Acres and acres of commercial farms.

California…a colorful and passionate state through my eyes.

Several paintings from inspirations in Las Vegas

A white Gondola, rides inside the Venetian.- How much would they charge for riding in this white one? I have no clue. Take a guess… $20?

Victoria’s Secret display in The Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas. – I love her wings!…and her skeleton skinny body, the combination looks good in pictures.

The original photo

It was the most beautiful stained glass ceiling I have seen so far. it’s about 40 to 50 feet across, located at the walkway from Bally’s to Paris in Las Vegas.

I did a photo painting design from the original photo. So which one do you prefer? The real looking original photo, or the vibrant and rusty style above?

original photo
The original photo I took.

Walk around in Las Vegas – Day 3

Painted stairway ceiling, the Venetian, Las Vegas

Le Village Buffet – The French style buffet in Paris, Las Vegas. – Their desserts are the best I ever had. I would go for this restaurant over and over again if we stayed in Las Vegas longer.

Christian Lacroix’s display in The Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas.

Tiffany’s display window in Bellagio, Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam

It’s the Second day of our trip. We took off from Las Vegas before Sunrise. It took us four hours to drive to the Grand Canyon. It was an unexpected cold day, the temperature at the Grand Canyon was around 30F, (snowing on our way to there). I was wearing sandals with bare feet and a Florida style sky blue color short pants. Luckly I had a dark red color sweater with me, it saved me from the coldness. Yes.. I did look weird, all the other tourists there were wearing winter jeckets or heavy coats.
The Grand Canyon was awesome, endless pictures I could take and post. But it’s time for me to go over it, otherwise, I would be stuck here and never could start a new day.

My husband walked by few mintues ago, I showed him this picture.. guess what’s his comments? He said.. “I don’t like this picture.. too many bold colors!”

The conclusion: The World would be much prettier if our women have the total control. :P

I pictured them outside of the Grand Canyon Visitor’s center. Interesting and pretty little plants. Are they flowers, or leftovers?

On the way back to Las Vegas, we stopped at this well known dam. I heard of Hoover Dam a long time ago when I was in China. I also have seen it in several movies. Finally we had a chance to visit it in person. This dam is located on the border between the Arizona and Nevada.

The Sunset out of the window from our hotel.

The Middle Seat, Colors of Bellagio

Alright, it’s been six months, my parents are going back to China after 6 months of visiting us in the States. Alan and I will escort them to SF for the flight to go back to China. Before this event, we are going to accompany them for some sightseeings in LV, Grand Canyon and SF. Alan and I are also going to stay a few more days in SF and Napa before we come back to our home in Tampa, FL.

I will post our travel photos by the date, it starts from today, the day 1 in our 2007 West Coast Vacation.

I took this photo on our flight to Las Vegas. I had to say… it wasn’t easy to take a photo from the middle seat. Blame on my husband, he always likes to sit on an aisle seat, so I always gets to sit on a middle seat.

For getting a photo like this one… you better to…

1. use a small compact camera which is easy to operate by one hand (I used my husband’s new camera Canon SD900 to take this shot)
2. a nice window seat neighbor who allows you to stretch your hand into his/her territory
3. shameless enough to ask for your neighbor’s permission
4. a good editing skill in afterwards editing
5. a bit of luck to get an interesting result
6. something I forgot to mention at this moment

The original photo

Colors of Bellagio
We arrived in Las Vegas (the Sin City, I like this nickname) at noon, the city looks much cleaner than I thought. Lots of constructions are going on.

This photo was taken in Bellagio, an amazing glass art work made by Dale Chihuly installed on it’s lobby ceiling.

I found out the best way to take a shake-free and non-distored picture of this wonderful art work is to lay down on the lobby floor then focusing upwards. Don’t be shy if you notice hundreds of tourists there were staring at you, sometimes we gotta to act weird, don’t we? (hey.. please let me know if you did lay down on that floor!)

Another version of “Colors of Bellagio”. I personally likes this design better.