Morning Florida !

At this time, all the balloons have been floating away into deep fog. We (me,Manzhi’s husband Richard and chase crew on the ground) waved good-bye to them, then quickly jumped into a couple of chase cars.
7:08 AM – The mystic view from Hot Air Balloon ride
The original photo – took by my hubby Alan from his tiny Canon 900 (the folllowing pictures took by him were all from this camera).
7:09AM – Early morning view of Kissimmee from the sky.
PS: Special thanks to the team of Orlando Balloon Rides, those guys were very friendly and helpful. We had a great time with them.
The original photo – took by Alan from the Hot Air Balloon ride.

Thursday Morning Blue

This pond was located in a cow farm somewhere in Kissimmee, FL. I had to watch out my foot steps while walking around to look for a better angle…there were countless old and fresh manures. Though the themes there were pretty and romantic.

PS: there were steams on pond at Sunrise, you might mistaken them as dust on my lens from this photo.

Painted Illusions

Today was a big day. a hot air balloon ride! We (Alan and I, Richard & Manzhi) along with a dozen others and several crew members from the air balloon company all met in a Best Western Inn in Kissimmee, FL.

While they were preparing paper works for the upcoming rides. I walked around and found several interesting and detailed wall paintings along it’s aisles.

The photo I posted here is one of the wall paintings near it’s cafeteria.