A Meat Lover’s Pancake

Stir-fried fresh garlic chives with a half cup of egg beats; a thin piece of freshmade pancake, wrapped with warmed up roasted beef slices. Salt & Peppered, A pinch of ground habanero pepper (opitional). My delicious Asian style pancake. Yummy..

The habanero peppers were from our garden. I dried them up then used a coffee grinder powdered them. A best way to keep my most favorite hot pepppers fresh and convenient to use.

A Blue Duck Baby

The most frustrating fact in photo editing to me is: Sometimes, I couldn’t get the result I am satisfied with. I had worked hours or even days on one photo, then found out it was going nowhere. I had to give up that photo or start from a different approach all over again. Isn’t it terrible?

I wish photo editing could be “cooked” like fast food in chain stores… just simply follow with instruction, 1. 2 .3.. several mintues later, a guaranteed result would pop up.

Why couldn’t it? I guess it wouldn’t be much fun after a while?

Back to this baby duck photo I posted.. I picked this one to practice on photo painting, the reason was… the original photo was …yuck.
The original photo – took in Animal Kingdom. There are lots of newborn baby ducks, they are cuties. I remember my aunt bought me several baby ducks when I was little. But I wasn’t mature enough to take care of them. They were dead in a short period. I was sad but didn’t feel very sorry for them at that time. Now I do.