My First BBQ Steaks

Alan was out of town. I had companies over for dinner. I decided to make BBQ steaks even it’s usually my hubby’s territory.

The process was easy… bought good steaks; tenderized with food tenderizer; marinated with BBQ seasioning for over 1 hour.

High temperature for 12 minutes on first side; 6 minutes on the other side for medium rare. I carefully placed meats, to have the beautiful check marks.

I had a wonderful result on my first BBQ steaks experience.

Semi Homemade Fruit Crepes


I have tried several times to make crêpes from scratch, all failed. This time, I bought a pack of crêpe wraps from Walmart. It was a little pricy.. over 3 dollars for 10 pieces. But it made my work much easier.

I made filling from scratch… mixed chopped fresh Kiwifruit and Raspberries; whipped cream mixed well with powdered sugar. Garnished with several of perfect looking Raspberries and thinly sliced Kiwifruit, then drizzled with Chocolate and Strawberry syrup.

It was a very pretty and tasty dessert. :D

Backyard Baby Raccoon

I noticed a strange noise came from the backyard. It sounded like a strange frog croaking. I ignored it for a while, but it didn’t stop. Then I thought I probaby should take a picture of this strange frog. So I took my camera and went outside.

Oh my lord.. it was a baby Raccoon! His mom must left him there for whatever reason, he was only a size of a 2 months old kitten!

This is a close up crop of him.
The full portrait of this baby Raccoon.

PS: It’s my first time had the opportunity to take a baby Raccoon’s picture. None was hurt in this encounter, neither I nor the Raccoon.

Spicy Omelette with Kiwi Fruit

Egg beats made Omelette, wrapped in a couple of sliced honey ham. Flavored with Salt & Pepper; dried Habanero Pepper flakes and several mixed seasonings from our kitchen. It was an interesting and flavor taste breakfast.

PS: The Dried Habanero Pepper Flakes are homemade. I picked fresh peppers from our garden, cut them in half, then dried them indoors.

The Moment in Pink

One of my female friends is very good at home decoration, her home always looks like a model home. Every time she holds a party, she also gets fresh and pretty Real flowers to accent the atmosphere.

I learned from her.. bought a bouquet of pretty pink flowers from Sam’s…. great price.. $4.5 for 20 of them, and they lasted for nearly 2 weeks.

And I got to take a picture of it… to keep it fresh in my memory even longer.

Sunshine Forever

Portrait of a Sunshine girl – Apple and her mom’s dog …Maomao. Wish I was her age again… I wasted all my prime time in school. Life never went back.

Why couldn’t we reverse the aging process… born as elderly and weak, then mature and sophisticated, then young and prettier… I would much prefer to have a life in this way.