Alan with the Simpsons


Alan and I went to watch the newest Harry Potter movie. It was a …nice movie, but I had a difficult time to understand some of the words they were saying in the movie with the strong British accent. I had no problem to it’s previous movies though. I guess they might used a lot more “big words” in this one?

On our way walked out of the theater, we saw this cute display of the up coming new movie of “The Simpsons”. I belive they are one of the most known American families, gotta to take a picture of Alan with them.

PS.. Alan looks pretty trim among his buddies, isn’t he? :D

Backyard Monet

It’s raining season in Florida. Rains every afternoon for an hour. We were sitting in our lanai, I suddenly found this theme was very interesting. After I took this photo and showed it to my hubby, he says.. it looks like a Monet’s painting.

The orange color flowers is Hibiscus, we planted it at the corner outside the lanai about 2 years ago.

A Double Rainbow

Sitting at Sam’s parking lot, I was waiting for Alan to come out. The rain graduately stopped. Then.. there was the rainbow, it appeared more and more cearly… A doubled one!

After I missed a double rainbow shot in 2003 in Avon, CT. Finally I caught this one!

This doubled rainbow lasted for 10 minutes, then faded away.

Over the pond . . .

Alan and I walked with our dog Shag to a nearby park on Morris Bridge. It was few mintues before the park was closed, almost nobody was there. I overlooked the pond, discovered this blue heron stayed still like a piece of rock. It was a quiet moment, frozen in time.
   The detail…. handheld shot, still pretty clear…