Old town Alexandria (Day 3)

Alexandria, this historical old town was founded in 1749. It is a town well known for it’s 18th to 19th century architecture and award winning restaurants.

After several hours walked around in DC this afternoon, we came back to Alexandria and looking for a place to have dinner tonight. This photo was taken at Prince Street, Alexandria.

The Temptation (Day 3)

Victoria-Transvaal Diamond Necklace – The crazy looking pendant is the 68-carat, champagne colored Victoria-Transvaal diamond, which was discovered in South Africa in 1951.

Pictured in Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection.

How would you feel if you were wearing this piece of necklace? Would it be the similar feeling as if driving an ultra expensive car on the streets?

Waiting for my freedom (Day 3)

Pictured this colorful Gouldian Finch at the nursing home where Alan’s father is staying. He was captived along with several others in a carefully decorated birdcage. The bird was in a sad mood.

He was missing his freedom.

When I was watching at him, I suddenly realized, we are also in an invisible birdcage which either was created by ourselves or by the others. Carrier; relationships; kids; pets; hobbies; money and desires..etc, we have been all captived in this or that kind of invisible birdcage, we could never have the freedom, till we could mentally or physically abandon all those things in our lives.