She grows in our vegetable garden, a hardy herb, doesn’t need special care, great flavor with mashed potatoes; cucumber salad etc.

I got up very early this morning… walked to the backyard, there was she… perfect still.. spiritual, with crystal clear dew drops, a photogenic model.

2007 Thanksgiving Dinner

This thanksgiving, Alan and I tried a couple of new recipes from epicurious.com and foodnetwork.com

“mashed yukon gold potatoes with caramelized shallots” was a great hit. It was the first time we were introduced to Shallots. This tiny red onion look alike thing has unique flavor, essential for this dish. Shallots are expensive in Western Supermarket, $2.5 for only 2 bulbs, but later on I found them in Chinese market, price was only 1/10 of Western store’s.

This year’s turkey was as good as last year’s, I used the new recipe made 2 birds for 2 dinner parties, the first time I soaked the bird for 2 days, it tasted on the light side, perfect for most of Westerners, they can add salt later on if they want to. The second time I soaked the bird for 3 days, the wings and legs getting salty, but the other parts of meat were perfect taste.

The links of the two recipes I mentioned:

“mashed yukon gold potatoes with caramelized shallots”

“Good Eats Roast Turkey”

Green Bean Flowers

Have a vegetable garden is the greatest thing we ever built in our backyard. We have fresh herbs almost all year around, and fresh seasonal veges every now and then.. best of all.. I get chance to photo some plants and flowers of which I normally won’t have access to.

Here is the photo of green bean flowers I took this afternoon in our vegetable garden. I never imagined green beans also bloom those pretty and interesting shaped flowers. (I thought.. matured beans came out as baby beans right away).