In this Winter

11:43AM, at Lettuce Lake Park (one of the neighborhood parks that we frequently visit). After breakfast at weekends, Alan and I often come over and take a easy walk.

It’s the last day of 2007.. I wish a Very Happy New Year to Y’all! Cheers & HUGS!

Shag, my three years old buddy

Don’t be fooled by his look.. the tight haircut I gave him. Actually.. he is a poodle. haha.. a poodle without that famous fancy haircut.

P.S.. do you give your dog haircut yourself? I do.. I have been doing it since he was a puppy… saved over thousands dollars by doing it myself in the last 3 years (35dollars each time if go to a groomer x 12 month x 3 years – cost of buying pet clippers).

I am currently using a heavy duty clipper – Andis 21420 Pro-Animal 7 Piece Clipper Set, Purple, affordable price, powerful and very easy to operate.

The Birthday Girl – Katrina’s portraits

2 years went by, our friends Peter and Eva’s pretty girl Katrina was having her 2 years’ birthday party at our club house. I was glad to have chance to take a few portraits of them again. All photos were taken at indoors at low light and hand held.
                     A tender moment of father and daughter
Making a wish.. mother and daughter at this precious moment.
Vintage design of this little girl

So Long and Thanks for All (Day 7)

Princess Cays was our final destination. In this 7 days cruise, I had taken thousands pictures. Lots of them are beautiful shots, but, I am getting tired of editing them, I want to move on and show you something else.. something new.. something more recent.. and something I am looking forward to editing and posting.

Maybe.. when I have time later on.. I will go back and browse all those unedited pictures again and choose a few more to fill in the gaps here. I doubt on it though.. so far.. I rarely had much time to go back to the old photos I had taken before. Besides.. today’s precious shots might be tomorrow’s garbages, so why bother to go back?

For my first cruise experience, I am very satisfied with the Princess cruse line… food was great… on shore activities were great, the only thing I was pity about would be the expensiveness of going online.. 20 minutes on a slower than dial up internet connection… cost us 40 dollars. Other than this.. everything was so much better than I ever expected.

So long and thanks for all, I will come back shortly with daily shots took in our lives.