Fried braised spare ribs Shanghai style

Alan bought a cook book several years ago, it’s an English language Chinese cook book, called “China The Beautiful”. It presents lots of delicate and well-known Chinese dishes.

I often look at those beautiful pictures in this book, but never tried to make any dishes till today. Cooking a good dish is like taking an exam… you gotta to physically and mentally ready for the challenge .

So, I was ready, today.

It was one of the best traditional Chinese dishes I have made so far.

P.S… I adjusted amount of the soy sauce and vinegar in this dish to fit for Alan and I’s preference of stronger taste. I also used other substitutes for a few ingredients I didn’t have in hand.

How did I make this dish?

1. 1.5 lbs of spare ribs (bought from Chinese market), rinse, pat dry.

2. salt & pepper, marinated for 1.5 hours

3. take a large bowl, pour 1 cup of corn starch,

4. add in 1. mix evenly…

5. heat oil to about 350-370 F

6. deep fry ribs, 4-6 minutes, drain on papper towl

7. in a deep pot, pour in 1.5 cup – 2 cups of non salt chicken stock, 1 tbs wine vinegar (western style), 3-4 tbs Chinese vinegar (zhenjiang xiangcu), 3-4 tbs soy sauce, 3 tbs ketchup, 1-2 tbs oyster sauce (hao you), 1/2 tbs tomato paste, 2 tbs sugar.. bring to boil

8. add in ribs, stir, cover.. cook for 7-10 minutes, turn to medium heat, taste.. adjust seasonings.. add in a handful of finely chopped scallions. (I added pre stir fried sweet bell pepper at this step, optional)

9. done.

Oyster Po Boys

It was on sale in Walmart.. a can of fresh shucked oysters was less than 6 dollars. A good buy.

I love to eat oysters… a pinch of salt.. few squeeze of lemon juice, I can eat over a dozen of them in one clip.

But today.. I decide to try something I never had before, so I found a recipe called “Oyster Po Boys”. traditional local sandwich from Louisiana. As Alan and I are going to travel to Louisiana and will stay in its well known city…New Orleans for several days, I consider this will be a perfect dish for me to test out.

Make sure you rinse and filter the oysters meat, it sometimes comes with sand or tiny pieces of broken shells.

It took me total one hour from start to finish.

Taste interesting… but if you don’t care about cornmeal, I suggest you use bread crumps instead. Also… if I make this dish again… I will make 3 times amount of the chipotle mayonnaise than the amount in the recipe.

The recipe can be found here:Oyster Po Boys

Wanna a bite?

Remember the banana tree in our backyard I mentioned in previous posts? It produced finger size baby bananas. Alan used those baby bananas made several pecan banana muffins.

I don’t eat muffins… but I love to look at them.. especially the ones Alan made. They are so perfect looking…tight…firm…little lips…opens on the top…

Wanna a bite? .. it says.

P.S. I love the pink signatures I stamped on this photo.. it suddenly reminds me how privileges to be a woman.. I can use any colors I like.. not like guys… they don’t dare to use pink.. HA! .. HA! ..

Writing blogs.. for several years, I realized I am crazy.. talking to nobody… or somebody who I might never would know.. about my thoughts…

crazy… as I said.

Longing for your little hug

With friends, went to play mini golf in Orlando. It was my first time of playing that game, quite fun.

Finished game… we were going to leave, then there was this cat, pretty and graceful, greeted us on the brick path.

I sometimes are wondering, how do animals think of us? Do they think of us as Gods? or do they think of us as pets?

Dance with Fire

Dinner at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, it was a buffet type dinner, serves ribs, fried chicken…type of simple food. There were shows on a big stage at front, pity we were seated too far away and also on the side of the room.

The first several shows were childish and .. a bit boring, some people might thought the whole night shows would be in the similar quality, they even got up and left.

But suddenly, the real show begins, exotic Hawaiian dances, singings… and then the exciting Samoan fire knife dance, even I was sitting far far away… I still could feel his power, his passion and …the heat.

It was worth for the $$ even just for the Fire dancer’ performance..