Timeless the Alamo

2:28PM – We went back to San Antonio again, this time, for the Alamo. It was such a sad building, when everyone was silently walking around in its church also the shrine, I felt the deeply sallow for the ones died in the terrible battle 200 years ago. Thankfully, I wasn’t there at that time.

Photography is not allowed inside the Alamo. I came out and waited for 40 minutes, finally I was able to capture one photo of its front with peopleless.

The BW picture above was designed from the original photo.

Fancy Haired Shrimp Meat Balls

11:53AM – It was a windy and cloudy day, Alan and I were sitting with our our TX friends George & Qiqi, Michael & Xiuxiu in a Chinese restaurant, I forgot the details of our conversation.. but I do remember the endless keep coming Dim Sum dishes.. steamed spare ribs… braised Cantonese style chicken feet… Chinese style BBQ pork…

Then a waiter delivered a dish I never seen before… a plate of fancy haired shrimp meat balls. The look of this Dim Sun was so artistic that I gotta to take a photo of it! I turned around and grabbed my camera… as when I was focusing in… at the corner of my view finder.. I discovered a horrifying theme… the waiter had aimed those pretty balls with a pair of scissors and going to snap them in half!

In a split second… I heard my voice shot out.. “DON’T JIAN!” (Don’t Cut) .. one world of English and one world of Mandarin, combined so seamlessly as if these two words were nature born siblings.

The only person who was there didn’t laugh badly was the waiter, I think he was still in shock till this day. But I did save these meat balls.. and my picture.

Night at 6th Street

11:30PM – after watched one of the best show I have ever experienced (Esther’s Follies) with our Austin friends George & Qiqi, We walked on the 6th street again. It had been poured by the rain, non-stopped for a couple of hours. Now it was still drizzling, the ground was wet, the air tasted fresh and moisture.

It was close to midnight, but here, life never stopped. For some, the night has just begun.