Ultimate Beef Stew

Inspired by French cooking, I made this big pot of beef stew in dutch oven. It was the best beef stew we ever had.

How do I make it?

1. about 4 lbs beef (packed as “for beef stew”)

2. 2 large sweet onion, quartered. 5 carrots, peeled and cut in thick rounds, 5 cloves of garlic, crushed, 1 celery, peeled and cut into finger size.

3. in a large bowl, mix well of beef, salt (make sure to add enough salt, this is important, I added about 1 to 1.5 TBS salt), pepper

4. 1/3 cup flour, mix into 3.

5. heat the dutch oven, add oil, brown all the beef chunks (I did in 7 patches)

6, in the same dutch oven, sautee carrots, onions, about 10 to 15 minutes… add in garlic.. continuesly sautee for 3 minutes

7. add into all the beef, then add 1 cup red wine (an 8 dollars wine can do it), 1/2 to 1 cup dark soy sauce accordingly, 1.5 cup of beef broth, a handful of fresh thyme (they grow wild in our vegetable garden),

8, cover, medium heat, cook for 30 minutes, throw away thyme, stir the stew every now and then, after another 30 minutes, add celery, then cook further for another 30 minutes, uncover, cook till the liquid is reduced.

9. soak rice in water at the last hour during the stewing, then steam the rice at the last half hour before the beef was done. once the rice is done.. the beef is also done… then you will have a bowl of wonderful beef stew on rice for tonight’s dinner. The result is guaranteed.

note: watch out the beef during cooking process… they are easily to stick on the bottom of the dutch oven. Also, when you clean the dutch oven, do not wash it till it’s totally cool down, wash it with warm water only. Dry immediately after washing.

Summer Crab Stew

This afternoon, I made us a boiling pot of crab stew… one Dungeness crab, rested on a pot of rice, chopped squid and mixed vegetables, low temperature cooked on stove top for … quite a while… till the kitchen was full filled with sweet and tasty smell. Yummy yummy.. a treat I was longing for a long time.

P.S: This new stew pot was picked in Chinatown of Houston, TX on our way home.

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

3:29PM – The painted ceiling of St. Louis Cathedral. This cathedral is the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the States, First established in 1718. Once was destroyed then rebuilt.
This ceiling is one of the most gorgeous painted ceilings I have seen in old buildings, so far.
P.S. We drove back to our FL home on the next day, picked our dog Shag on the way home…so good to see him again.. and holding him in my hands… gave him a real tight hug. Our goldfish Bully lived… even his aquarium’s filtration system was failed, but he still survived. What a strong and lucky fish he is!