Oyster Omelette

When comes to cooking, I always believe… the freshness is the key. If the ingredients are super fresh, then the result will be definitely satisfying.

Made myself a plate of Oyster Omelette this morning… a cup of freshly harvested oyster meat, 4 eggs.. lightly beaten with 1 tbs cream, salt & pepper, low heat cooked on stove top, added a handful of chopped green onion; parsley. when eggs were still running, took the skillet off the heat, waited for few seconds… let the eggs continued to cook its self from the remaining heat in the skillet … then it’s done.

Juicy, tender and a bit sweetness… a hint of ocean taste… from the fresh oysters, it was an unique Omelette.

Bully – The Beautiful

My pride, my love, my forever the most beautiful goldfish – Bully.

Bully actually is a female fish, when I first got her a couple of years ago, she was the size of my little finger, couldn’t tell her sex. But she was aggressive. So I thought she was a male, I named her “Bully”.

Later, discovered she lays eggs, I came to realize, it’s a She!

But what can I do? It’s too late to change her name, I had been faithfully called her “Bully” on this blog and introduced her to my friends. It would be confusing if I changed her name now. So… better to stick on the name “Bully”.

Just to remember.. it’s a She.. and she is named Bully.. and She is the Beautiful.

P.S. Bully has been living in a 12 gallon Marineland Eclipse Acrylic Aquarium System, for several years now, and she is very happy with her cozy and pretty home!

Toronto Skydome Hard Rock Cafe Pin

Finally, a new pin from this Upstate NY & Canada’s trip, picked from Hard Rock Cafe Toronto Skydome in Toronto, Canada.
Alan and I flew back home on July 7th. It’s nice to travel here and there every now and then, and it’s even nicer to come back after each trip… I guess it’s the reason that I keep traveling and keep coming back.