A wandering eye

Pictured this snail at a park near by. I was wondering … was this pretty one eatable? Slowly stew it in garlic butter sauce… till it’s bubbling in its own shell… the imagination was vivid and inviting.

I guess she would wish she had wings to flee away if she saw what was in my mind.

Taro in stir fry

There were some dishes I never cared for during my childhood, Taro (yunai in Chinese) was one of them. It was mushy and tasted plain, I didn’t even want to touch it when I was a child.

But things changes, so do my taste. I found Taro has its delicate taste, requires patience to appreciate its unique side… it absorbs the flavor of other ingredients cooked with (works same way as Tofu), the mushiness can be translated to creaminess if you are in the right mood to eat it.

So today… I made a dish of Taro stir fry with green onions and finely chopped honey ham, sit down, by the window, chopsticks in hand, one bite by another, enjoyed its flavor and texture, and reminded myself how many things I had disliked in earlier years now become my favorites. Taro is one of them.
Taro before peeled and cooked

Oven baked fish Sichuan style

Made this spicy hot fish dish for dinner, marinated a fish (splited it open first) with Sichuan pepper; ginger; garlic; spicy soy bean paste; soy sauce; brown sugar; salt and bunch of dried chili pepper flakes; add 1 shot of Vodka to combine them together and add moisture. Oil to brush, then baked in oven on each sides till almost done, poured pre-cooked vegetable and its sauce over the fish, back to oven boil for few minutes, added freshly chopped cilantro, green onions and dried chili pepper for garnish before serving.

It was a pretty interesting dish to look at.

Bubbling Blood Curd Stew

I was longing for some traditional Chinese dishes, one of them was “mao xue wang”, it means a spicy stew with one essential inagredient – blood curds made from chicken or duck’s blood.

I can not find fresh chicken or duck’s blood curd here, the only closest thing is available on the market is pig’s blood curd, I bought a lb of it. (3.99/lb, quite expensive)

How did I make this dish:

1. for the base:
few pieces of fresh ginger slices
a handful of fresh garlic (1/2 cup)
a half of a Chinese style roasted duck’s skin and bones
2tbs sweetened fermented soybean paste
2tbs crushed dried hot pepper
1 1/2 tbs Sichuan Pepper
a handful of chopped green onion
a handful of crushed salted peanuts
a handful of fresh Cilantro
salt to taste
in a sauce pan, add 3 tbs oil, sautee Sichuan Pepper and hot pepper, garlic till smell them then add into the broth, low temperature stew for 2 hours
2. pick out garlic, duck’s bone and skin, discard.
add in a half can of spam (prefer Chinese brand Mei Lin, it can be found in Asian market)
a package of pressed bean curd, sliced in thin pieces
sliced pig’s blood curd (they are much tougher than fresh chicken or duck’s blood curd, but it’s better than none)
small white mushrooms
deep fried bean curd (cut in half)

stew for 1 and half hour

3. chopped finger lenth eel (huang shan)
precooked Honeycomb beef tripe (niu du), sliced
presocked wooden ear (mu er)

stew for another half hour

4. few mintues before serving,
add a handful of chopped fresh green onion, sliced beef omasum (niu bai ye)
garnish with fresh Cilantro


It was such a complicated recipe, but the actual making was a lot easier.