I Escape

In Florida Aquarium (at Tampa Bay), watching two imprisoned otters were playing, rolling, flipping, in lightning speed. They totally ignored crowds outside of the glass wall who were staring at them; picturing them and pointing here and there towards them, as if the whole world is non exist, except the container… the little world which they were swimming in.

I guess we all can enjoy the life even in a visible or invisible prison, if we indeed, focus inward, looking for happiness and joy even in a simple play, then the visible or invisible wall… will collapse, that’s how we can totally escape from an imprisoned world… even just for a moment.

Rabbit in red wine

Touched by a story told on a food magazine – Saveur, I followed that writer’s recipe made this rabbit stew. It smelled heavenly during the cooking, tasted just right like if I was traveling in that Mediterranean country… shinning, golden, warm and foreign, plus a bit excitment.
Before put into oven… browned on stove top, then poured with red wine and olive oil, tossed in a few sprigs of sage and rosemary… proud to say… the herbs were freshly picked from our vegetable garden.

The recipe from Saveur (I modified a little bit by using sage and rosemary instead of marjoram in this dish). Link: Rabbit in Red Wine