Grilled Swordfish with Couscous

Saw some really fresh Swordfish on the market, bought one package came with 2 pieces of Swordfish steaks. Each of them weighted about 1.5 lb, boy.. they were huge.

At home, I marinated one piece of fish steak, then grilled it to almost well done, served with sauce made from tomato, capes, sweet corn and carrots, and on 1 cups of simply buttered Couscous.

To a person loves seafood dishes like me, it was a meal from heaven.

Match of the Turtles

Walking in Busch Gardens, Heard a strange noise… “gee wheeee… gee wheeee… “, I went to take a close look… aha!… discovered two giant turtles (tortoise) were making love. The male one (on the top) were humping the female one, the female one seemed unconcerned… chewing a bud of flower she had just found near by.

The strange noise I heard was the sound of their heavy and thick shells grating each other.