This is our winter theme

Still blue sky, white clouds, daytime temperature is around 70s, and… sunshine forever, this is our winter theme… down here in Florida. I absolutely love it, love it so much, I almost force all my friends (especially the ones who live in snow countries) to come to visit us, and enjoy our winter together.

This picture was taken at Lettuce Lake Park.

Gourmet Burgers

Once upon a time, I was very much into TLC’s “Take home chef”, the blond, tall, young and good looking guy with cute Aussie accent attracted me sitting in front of TV for hours. This chef’s dishes were pretty, but some of them were quite complicated to make. The “Gourmet Burger” was one of those dishes requires some patience.

Then one day, I found a jar of black truffles in a store, I remembered it was one of the important ingredients in the blond guy’s dishes. So I got it and found the recipe and followed it step by step, made several burgers.

No surprises, the result was good. From then on, I made gourmet burgers quite a few times.

The recipe can be found on TLC’s site: America’s Greatest Gourmet Burger