Sunset on Fort Myers Beach

Arrived at Fort Myers this afternoon, going to take a ferry boat to Key West tomorrow with my friend Litao. As we were parking the car and going to walk to the beach to watch its sunset, my cell phone rang, I had bad feeling, and my instinct was correct… the ferry boat was canceled due to tomorrow’s rough weather.

It is a 6 hours drive from Fort Myers to Key West. I had never driven more than 2 hours, so did Litao, but she was an experienced driver when she was in China. So finally we decided to drive to Key West the next day, though I was worried all night, couldn’t sleep, checked weather, and even looked through some carpool websites hoping to find someone could be the driver for us.

The photo above was taken at Fort Myers beach, after talked to the person from the ferry boat and our husbands in Tampa.

When we walked to the beach, the sun was already down, but it was still pretty, and I noticed this young girl, picking up shells at water’s edge.

…She made this picture better than a Sunset.

P.S: Better not to prepay for the ferry boat and hotel, because the ferry boat (Key West Express) wouldn’t refund the money (they were only willing to give a credit), and hotel in Key West would charge us one night’s fee if we reschedule the date.

Razor clams Chinese style

Saw a bunch of beautiful razor clams at market… couldn’t help myself buying them back. It was about 1.5 lb, I cooked them in a Chinese way… soaked clams in lightly salted water for over an hour, then cleaned each clam in running water first (these two steps are crucial if you don’t want to have a mouthful of sand), then dipped them in boiling water.. counted to 15 seconds, drained and placed on a plate, poured a little soy sauce and precooked rice noodle, ginger, finely chopped sweet bell peppers; spring onions on top, then poured hot seasoned oil over… done!

It was the first time I introduced this strange looking clams to Alan… he really liked them, I almost had to fight with him for grabbing some of the clams for myself.
Left: before they were cooked, right: the details after they were cooked.

Tangyuan from my little corner

This Lantern Festival, I made 5 “rou tangyuan” – meat filling glutinous dumplings. They were perfect looking and tasted heavenly. For the filling.. I mixed seasoned ground pork with soup jello, so that once it was cooked, the soup jello would melt and turned to soup again, gave each bite a great pleasure.
The close up after I gave it a little bite …

Thai style chicken feet salad

Decided to making something new, I made my favorite chicken feet dish in a Thai style… I cooked chicken feet first.. then marinated them in a sauce made with spicy hot chiles; lemongrass; cilantro; fish sauce; lemon juice & lemon zests; sugar; sliced onions, and kept in refrigerator for 3 days.
The close up…

Those chicken feet tasted crispy, spicy and sweet… an interesting flavor combination, it was really appetizing!

Homemade Ice Cream

The days of went to stores and bought ice cream back are gone forever, for 40ish bucks, we bought a small ice cream maker
Used this Cuisinart 1-1/2-Quart Automatic Ice Cream Makers, and made ourselves a very first pot of strawberry ice cream… drizzled with chocolate syrup, it tasted so much better than store bought! The best part of it was… we know exactly what we had put into it!

Marinated pig tongues and eggs

I always love the texture of the tongues. Pig’s tongue was one of the popular ingredients in China, cooked in different ways… BBQed; smoked; marinated or simply stir fried.

Since I came to the States… I also discovered cow’s tongue (rarely seen in markets in China), though that’s another dish to talk about in another time.

Today, I made myself a big plate of marinated pig tongue and eggs. The method was simple… cleaned and cooked 2 pig’s tongues.. then marinated the tongues and a couple of hard boiled eggs (in separate containers) in marinate sauce made with soy sauce, ginger, cinnamon, orange zest, sugar, rice wine, salt & pepper… and kept them in refrigerator for overnight. The next day… I took them out, sliced the tongues and eggs in thin pieces, served with hot and sweet dipping sauce.