Lox on bagels

All homemade… Homemade Gravlax on homemade bagels. The homemade bagels took lots of work, ingredients are also quite expensive… such as… the malt syrup was 6 dollars a bottle, poppy seeds was over 4 dollars for a tiny jar of it. But over all, it’s still less expensive than buying bagels from bakeries, and the texture and flavor are also worth for all the efforts.
Alan was shaping those bagels. It was the second time we were making bagels, getting better each time.

Cauliflower stir fry

Cauliflower is my most favorite vegetable, love its taste when stir fried with thinly sliced pork. Cauliflower itself doesn’t have much flavor, but it absorbs the fat and flavor from the pork stir fried with. If cooked right, the texture of the Cauliflower is crispy but not raw, nor overcooked and become mushy. This requires some experiences. I have prepared this dish so many times.. that I dare to say.. I do better than anyone else I have known.. including my mother.

Cilantro and its flowers

Cilantro always short lived in our vegetable garden. The weather was either too hot or too cold for them, they soon started to flowering then seeded. I replaced Cilantro two times a year, only got a little useful leaves out of them, not worth to grow while I can buy a bunch fresh leaves from stores for under a dollar.
But its flowers are unique… tiny little thing, if you look close enough.. they are quite pretty.

A new day in our garden

Spring again, we started our vegetable garden. Planted Sweet Peas, radishes, sweet kind and spicy hot kind peppers, Brussel Sprouts, Pole Beans, Cauliflower, Broccoli.

Except the herbs we already have in our garden, such as Rosemary, Thyme, Mint and Garlic Chives, we also replanted Basil, Sage, Oregano, Dill and Cilantro, and some new species, they are Sweet Marjoram and Stevia – this herb is a natural sweetener, 20 times sweeter than sugar, I tasted it, sweet but also come with a kinda strong bitterness.

Left: sweet peas, Right: reddish, they all came from the seeds we planted.