Xinjiang style Kebabs

One food I missed a lot from Shanghai streets was Xinjiang style Kebabs. 2 Yuan (0.3USD) per skewer, I often bought 2 skewers of Kebabs, then walking and chewing away. Any of you ever had Xinjiang style Kebabs would mouth watering at this point.
Anyway, I bought a boneless lamb leg today, chopped to small chunks, marinated then BBQed on our grill.
After 15 to 20 minutes, here they are… the homemade Xinjiang style Kebabs. It brought me all the old time aroma and flavors back at the first bite.


Got a couple of freshly caught fish’s fillets from our neighbor. Didn’t know what kind of fish were those, I guess they were groupers. I pan fried one fillet, then decided to make a new dish out of the rest one. Found Ceviche recipe online, tried it, pretty simple.. sliced fillet into thin pieces, then added lemon & lime juice, a pinch of salt, sliced red onions, chopped cilantro, marinated for 1 hour. The fish pieces tasted juicy and tender… much more tender than the pan fried piece.

Shrimp and Chive Ravioli with creamy white sauce

My first try of homemade Ravioli, result was unbelievable satisfying. My hubby and my friends.. who came for dinner were so amazed by my raviolis, I was greatly flattered… especially one of the guests was Italian descendant.
I used Mario_Raviol_ StampMario Batali Ravioli Stamp-Square for making those raviolis, it works great, seals raviolis seamlessly.