Strawberry Muffins

We had some frozen strawberries in the freezer for quite a while, decided to get rid of this pack of “clutter”. I asked Alan to make strawberry muffins, and I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Guess what, there is always someone had tried out things you and I even hadn’t heard of.

So here they are, great looking strawberry muffins!
The texture inside. pretty good eh?

How sweet she is!

While I was taking photos of Sarah (my friend Sandy’s daughter), her brother got up set because I didn’t give him enough attention. So he intentionally walked into this photo while I was taking it. What a pity, it would be a wonderful photo if wasn’t his little trick!

I could deleted it, but I liked the sweet smile that Sarah had in this photo very much, so I made this digital portrait painting out of the “destroyed” original photo.
The original photo.

Deep in the woods

Stayed with my friend Nannan for several days in her and her husband’s lovely home in a remote neighborhood of RI. This morning, after breakfast, Nannan and I walked to the woods nears her neighborhood.

Weather was perfect, themes were very pretty, though, there was a downside… there were millions of mosquitoes! Holly cow, I was bitten so badly, I had thought I wouldn’t come out that woods alive!