Stuffed pork loin

Stuffed with sauteed sweet onions and bell peppers, garlic, dried raisins, salt & pepper, fresh thyme, wrapped with bacon, then baked to medium rare, cover and rest till it’s well done inside, about 10 minutes. It was an interesting and tasty main course for this year’s Christmas dinner.
Take a look of its inside, how perfect!

Shanghai style deep fried rice cakes

One of popular breakfasts in Shanghai, deep fried rice cakes. They were made from sweet rice. I used this type of Norpro Ice Cream Sandwich Maker shaped those rice cakes. It worked really well.

Molded rice cakes before deep fried.

Recipe: 2 cups of sweet rice, cooked, made 4 pieces of rice cakes. cool down completely (over night), then deep fried till golden brown.
Note: some people use normal rice mix with sweet rice for making this type of deep fried rice cakes.

Killer Whales

Mother killer and her calf airborned! Pictured in SeaWorld, FL. It is also home to Tilikum, the biggest Killer Whale in captivity. He is unbelievable massive and powerful, a majesty creature!
Another killer whale in the show. She gently (even it looked more like an attack) landed her trainer onto the stage.

Killer Whale show is my most, or should I say the only favorite show in SeaWorld. Every time I goes there, I gotta to watch one. Those creatures are just too impressive to miss.