The sweetest art

One of the sugar art displays on Princess Cruise. Our ship left the port of Fort Lauderdale at 5PM, will cruise for 7 days, and stop at ports of Princess Cays, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

I remember there were street artists would make this type of sugar arts when I was little (in Shanghai, China), often they were characters from ancient Chinese novels… Monkey King, Pig King, Sandy Monk, Skeleton Demon..

I remember I liked the Skeleton Demon the most, she was a charming, alluring, colorful woman with a devilish smile.

Hotel we stayed on South Beach

We arrived at South Beach, Miami after 4 hours of driving from Tampa, going to stay here for a couple of nights before our 7 days Eastern Caribbean cruise leaving from Fort Lauderdale . Hotels on South Beach are pricey. This one, Catalina which we stayed has a nice outdoor bar, the drinks they made were awesome and reasonably priced.
The room was small but comfortable. The decor has quite character.

Homemade sausages Sichuan style

My friend brought me two packs of Sichuan seasonings from China. One of the packs was spicy kind, I made 5 lbs of sausages with it. I cured the meat then air dried them in our lanai for about two weeks. Those sausages were tasty and super spicy!
Started last July, I no longer buying pre-ground meat from stores. I bought ourselves a Waring Pro electric Meat Grinder. It grinders 5 lbs of meat within 2 minutes! The food I made from fresh ground meat tasted more tender, juicy. And I can choose whatever kinds of meat, cuts to grind. For this batch of Sichuan style sausage meat, I grinded pork shoulder and pork fat together then mixed well with seasonings.