Hot Pot with Cindy and Sherry families

Right after Chinese New Year party at Sherry’s home, we got together again for having this year’s Hot Pot party. I prepared all the sliced meats you saw on that table (sliced meats of beef roast, boneless lamb leg, pork tenderloion).

As I have a food slicer, it’s so easy and economic to prepare those slice meat at home vs. buying from Chinese stores. I also prepared a dish of spam (popular in China to add spam in Hot Pot) and a plate of whole prawn, my friends brought over a extra table stove, spicy hot pot stock; meat balls,vegetables and all the other popular food items for Hot Pot.

As always, we had a great meal and great time together.

You are punished!

Shag has being a bad boy, barking at deer on the backyard; pees like a girl; begs for food; took my bed and pillow; lick my toes… etc and etc.

So.. this is the punishment to him… yes.. standing at corner; straight like a pencil, till he knows how to act better in a dog’s life! :(