Day 1 in Atlanta, GA

Driving from Tampa up to Connecticut for Alan’s youngest daughter Kim’s wedding in July, we also decided to stop on several placed (GA, NJ, MA, RI) along the way to meet some old and new friends that I have been knowing them through the years. Atlanta, GA is our first stop, we are going to stay here till July 2rd.

We arrived Atlanta before noon, decided to check out its aquarium. It was not as big as I imagined, but was still worth to visit, once in a life.. so nothing is missing out. (the picture at top was a white alligator which was very unique)
Pictures clockwise from bottom left: A quick shot of a building we drove by, Waiters were singing and dancing in a 50s style dinner – Johnny Rockets where we were having our quick lunch, Thai dinner with another couple that we were staying with during the days we were in Atlanta.

Key West day 4

Clockwise from top: Sunset on Gulf took from ferry boat on the way back home, a handsome rooster on street of Key West, a picture of four of us took after checkout this B&B we stayed in, my most favorite night theme picture I took during this trip.

Key West day 3

Clockwise from top: 2 pictures of street views, bar theme at night, Margarita – my first and the only drink I had during the staying in Key West (another glass was my girlfriend’s).