A day in DC

Left New England and came to VA a couple of days ago. Went in DC this morning with commute train before everything was open. Sat in a Starbucks out of train station for a couple of hours waiting for museums to open. I was frozen half way to death (don’t understand how could they keep the place that cold, guess their DC customers are all wearing monkey suits?)

Walked half of the DC, covered most of interesting and free museums and parks, had my favorite fried noodle in Chinatown, as usual. A tiring day but was worth for.

Visiting Nannan in RI

Visiting Nannan and her husband Yaojun in RI.

Pictures clockwise from top: Hilly road to my friends’ home in RI, Nannan is deep frying fish in her garage (to avoid oily smell inside the house), Our late lunch together (some of dishes showed in picture: stir fry dishes of Shrimp, vege, deep fried fish and bean curd stew, cold cut of marinated pork loin).

With Sandy’s family

Visiting Sandy’s family in Fall River, MA. She is at her late term of pregnancy. Her parents are visiting her from China, will help her after she gives birth.

Pictures clockwise from bottom right: Sandy’s mom is making dumplings from scratch for our lunch together, Sandy and her parents and her daughter Sarah in their living room, All the women together for a picture time.

Day 3 in New Providence, NJ

July 4th picnic at Hacklebarney State Park with Serena’s family.

Pictures clockwise from bottom left: A creek goes through the park, Serena’s younger daughter Francisca at picnic table, Serena and her husband Richard and youngest daughter Athena, Alan was getting ready to bbq our steaks.

It was one of the most unique and memorable July 4th parties we had had.

Day 3 in Atlanta, GA

Meeting girls in Atlanta, GA before leaving tomorrow. Pictures clockwise from top: Downtown landscape at night view from my friend’s home, Wendy – a long time friend I finally met in person for lunch, Food court in Chinatown where I met other girls at evening, Get-together picture of six of us after having an authentic and abundant Chinese dinner together.