Japantown SF

A cloudy day, walked around the Japantown. First time been here, few people on the streets, quite clean, food are interesting, saw a lot more varieties of Japanese food, wish we had one in Tampa, I would go there every day, especially for their fresh seafood – all kinds of fish, octopus and even fresh sea urchin!

Clockwise from top: Japantown in SF, Sushi restaurant in one of the malls, Japanese pop art toy (Character on its forehead means “Kill”, yeah I’m Chinese, but can read some Japanese because they use some Chinese Characters in their language), Beautiful Sushi rolls in a supermarket, that’s their version of “fast food”.

Santa Cruz and San Jose

Clockwise from top: Santa Cruz Boardwalk view from its pier, Rides on the boardwalk, A sea lion pictured underneath of the pier.
Clockwise from top: A farm land we drove by on the way back from Santa Cruz, A farm in San Jose we(Alan and I, Alan’s cousin and his wife and daughter) stopped for their famous pie, a box of fresh picked strawberries I bought from the farm, Amy (the daughter) was enjoying her piece of pie.

A day in wine country and night at Fisherman’s Wharf

A day in wine country: Sonoma and Napa valley. Weather was much warmer than in city of SF, about 75F, it was nice to drive and walk around. People who work there were saying People there were saying they just experienced a heat wave a week ago, was over 100 degree. So I guess we went there at the right time.
Late night at Fisherman’s Wharf, had all seafood for dinner.

A day and night of walking around in SF

Pictures from left to right: Saints Peter and Paul Church stands in front of Washington Square park, far away view of Lombard Street, SF style homes.
pictures clockwise from top: Graffiti on a wall nears Chinatown, Steamed Shanghai style soup dumplings we had in Shanghai Restaurant in Chinatown, A cooking tools and accessories shop in Chinatown, Crab eaters at Fishman’s Wharf at chilly night.

Arrive SF after midnight

Clockwise: A sleepy street view from shuttle bus, a corner of the hotel room where I sit and edit pictures took during the day, hallway outside the room.

Changed flights a couple of times from Tampa to here. It was 3AM EST time, past midnight at local time. Most of its city is still in party mood, more crowds in bars and streets than day time in downtown Tampa.

It looks like we come to visit this city every 3 years even we didn’t plan it this way.

Weather is cold, under 60F. But a good thing is I finally have chance to wear my leather jacket which I bought in China 10 years ago.

Several parties in early Aug

Had several parties with girls and their families from Tampa Bay and Orlando after came back from our July trip to North.

Pictures from right to left: Aug 1st brunch at Thai temple in Tampa, Pool party in a friend’s home at Palm Harbor, Hot Pot and BBQ party at a friend’s home in Tampa.