Day 1 of our Copenhagen to Rome cruise

Day 1 of our 14 days European cruise on Star Princess. Start in Copenhagen, one day in Oslo, one in Rotterdam, one in Dover, one in LeHavre France, Lisbon, Barcelona, Cannes, Genoa, Pisa and ends up in Rome.

Clockwise from top: Passing by a Copenhagen market on the way to the cruise ship, our room on the ship, the first night’s dinner on the ship.


sept8th_2010_ copenhagen_water_front_houses
Clockwise from top: Picturesque houses of of Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, Street fight on main street, My first and the most delicious Belgian Waffle, Fruits, herbs and flowers of a stall on open market.
sept8th_2010_ copenhagen_streets
Clockwise from top: Bicycles crowded a street corner (reminds me the streets of China), Our favorite new found fast food – a tubed hot dog bought in a 7-11, On street coffee selling machine, A colorfully dressed young lady passed by me while I was wandering the streets to have a feel of this city.

The bottom line: the city is clean, taxi drivers are honest, streets food are great.

A day in Sweden

Took a day trip from Copenhagen to Sweden. Met Alan’s long lost relatives (of his grandfather side)Jnger, her mother Gertrud and her parter Pelle in a small, beautiful and extremely clean little town.
Captain Housing, a local attraction where Jnger took us there for a tour then later had a very memorable historical lupper right there.
The day went by fast and worth for every minute of it.

First day in Copenhagen

Flight took us to Copenhagen in the afternoon. The first meal we had was a Danish style hot dog in a convenient store off the central train station, it was a 12 inch long hot dog stuffed in the tube of a hot dog bun. It was a tasty and hands clean version. We liked it a lot. We are going to stay in Copenhagen to the 9th morning, then from here we will start our 14 days cruise.
Pictures from top: Airport, On the street nears the Central rail station, Check in at Radisson Blu Royal hotel (good service and it connects to a awesome gym), McDonalds flag on one of the buildings, The view from bathroom window, Hallway outside of the room, The bedroom.

Bye bye Paris…

It is the time to say bye to this colorful; tasteful; charming and friendly city of France, the first European city we visited in this trip. We definitely would like to revisit it sometime in the future.
First row of picture: A flower market nears Nortre Dame.
The first picture from the second row: Crowds lined up outside of Louis Vuitton’s flagship store on Champs Street. In the middle: A designer dress in showcase; Right: A bold colorful purse I would like to have.
The third row: Romantic lovers pictured on the streets of Paris.

Versailles, McDonuts and Moulin Rouge

Versailles, too big to explore, an overwhelming experience.

An exhibition of Japanese Pop art took place inside of the Palace of Versailles.

Grand garden of Versailles.

A fancy McDonald’s outside of the Palace, those ATM looking machines are for placing orders of their food.

Moulin Rouge that we went at late night for their lastest show at 11PM (it was an awesome show, totally worth it!)