Canon s95 for upcoming trip to Shanghai, China

My new babe: Canon PowerShot S95. Before my trip to China, I knew there was no way I could take my DSLR Canon 7D with me due to limited packing space plus I was aware of hostile and suspicious attitude I might facing to if I was going to take shots on streets and in stores there. So I wanted a low profile pocket camera takes great pictures and videos. I had done lots of research online and in stores before I came down decision to buy this one. The result was very satisfying. The only thing I found inconvenient is its flash unit, when it pops up, it rises right at where my finger would be, but it was not a big deal overall, besides it makes sense that you do want a pop up flash to avoid shadow casting.

Any pictures you saw that I posted here in my Shanghai, China’s trip were all taken by this Canon s95.

Chinese New Year Party 2012

Got together with my girlfriends and their families for the Year of Dragon! I made Sauteed green beans and Sichuan style cold cut pig belly. One of my friends’ coworker made a cake with dragon draw on top, it tasted great too.

I bought this silky blue top in Vancouver, Canada last Summer, saved it just for this Chinese New Year event :)