A fun Sunday at friends’ home

Got together at a friend’s home, all four of our girls are originally came from Shanghai, so we were all talking in our native tone, that was a lot easier to express myself than talking in English or mandarin.
Pictures clockwise from top: Me with friends Amy and Bill; Several dishes my Friend Cindy made (Seasame shrimp with sautéed spinach; Baked pork ribs and All vegetable stir fry). later that afternoon, we girls all went into the pool, the temperature was comfortable, the sun wasn’t too harsh, we all had a great time.

Clam boil and buttery rolls

My friend Sandy gave me some Portuguese sausage when I visited her at her hometown Fall River, MA last month. I made it into a clam boil for the lunch with my friends and their families.
Pictures clockwise from top: Us at the table, The clam boil (made of Portuguese sausage; shrimp; mussels; swai; clams; imitation crab meat and cabbage; potatoes at the bottom), Homemade buttery dinner rolls.