Girls Hot Pot party

Had several girlfriends over for having Hot Pot. I sliced lamb and beef, made egg dumplings (the wraps were made from egg beats, fillings were ground pork mixed with green onions). My friends brought over shrimp; fruits; meatballs and cheese cakes. I also made latte later on after the big meal.

Pictures clockwise from top left: Spongy bean curd cubes, Spam, Swai fish, Cheesecake samplers, Girls were having fruits while enjoying the cooling weather in our lanai, Colorful fruit combination, Bean curd skins, Fish bean curd (a new food item discovered 2 years ago, it has fish taste and bean curd like texture).

Completed hardwood floor installation

Rented a van to pick up furniture, encounter this theme of accident on I75 just off Bruce B. Downs. Later we found out the accident was happened that early morning around 4AM, one driver was killed.

The completed hardwood floors in our rooms, master bedroom’s closet and a new leather chair at corner.

My new office, a new chair and a new computer desk, finally. Very happy!
The modern looking chair is Office Star computer chair, it is very high quality, built like a tank and very easy to put together. The desk was from Office Depot, good looking, good quality but it took two of us more than 2 hours to put it together, so I would say that’s the only down side about it.

With two of my girlfriends this Sunday

Having two of my girlfriends and their husbands over for a small get together. I made several dishes the night before. One was pork stew with eggs and different kind of bean curd products (deep fried bean curd and knotted bean curd sheet), another dish was creamy chicken stew with homemade flat bread (this one was a popular dish introduced to Shanghai from west part of China, Xinjiang providence to be exact). For snacks, I made chicken feet two ways – Sweet and sour with hint of spiciness Thai style chicken feet and garlic soy sauce marinated chicken feet.

Pictures clockwise from left: My triple ice cream scoops with mountain high whip cream on top of it as for after dinner dessert, me and my girlfriends, the gangs were enjoying their conversations before the sit down dinner.

The red cotton full skirt I was wearing was from Talbots, it was very well made, classy look and comfortable to wear. The white t-shirt was from Zara, 100% cotton too, paper thin but doesn’t see through, I often pair it with various jeans too.